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Not getting a fair deal on your home loan? Don't get angry, get even! Ask us how
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Since 1988, Citiwide Homeloans has helped thousands of Australians find the right home loan. Using advanced technology, we’ll help you choose from hundreds of loans, with advice that will save you time and help you avoid a possible costly long-term mistake.

We can even help you with insurance and conveyancing.

You’ll get more choice and better advice at Citiwide Homeloans

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Tip #3 Check your Credit report

Your credit report is one of the most important financial records you have. It lists loan, credit cards etc you have applied for, not just the ones that you were approved for.

Yes, I know, budgets can be boring but they really do make a difference. By doing a budget you get to understand how much money is coming in and, more importantly, how much is going out and where it is going. By having a budget you can realistically set savings goals so you can save for the home deposit or car or overseas holiday. This is the most important tip I will have, if you are only going to follow one, this is the one.

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