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corporateCommercial & Business Finance

Citiwide Lending Specialists have been involved in Commercial and Business Finance for over 25 years.

We understand the pressures of running a small to medium sized business and we appreciate that you probably don’t have the time to shop around properly for the best loan options.

We also understand that a business may require various types of finance ranging from Commercial Property Loans, Business Overdrafts to Motor Vehicle and Equipment finance. Whatever your business finance needs are, we will have a solution for you.

As a commercial and business Finance Broker, Citiwide is accredited with all the major Banks and a number of specialist commercial / business lenders. Success in negotiating Commercial and Business finance is largely based on experience and this is where our strength lies.

To help you evaluate your options we provide you with some valuable information on this site.

However, due to the ever changing fiscal environment and to ensure that any decision you make suits your personal situation, we highly recommend that you consult your Accountant or Tax Adviser before committing to any type of commercial finance.

To apply for Commercial / Business Finance lenders generally require you to supply 2 to 3 years records of financial information, i.e. Tax Returns, Profit & Loss Accounts and a full Statement of Assets & Liabilities for all parties involved in the transaction. If you are unable to provide that information, please click here for information on Low Doc Loans.

Low Doc Loans

These types of loans are becoming more and more popular among self-employed/business owners, because of their simplicity.

Low Doc means that you do not have to supply detailed Tax Returns and Financials if they are not available.

If you have difficulty showing documentation to demonstrate your income, or you have limited business financials, a Low Doc loan may be the right solution for you. Many self employed business operators have difficulty substantiating income or producing full records of their income. Interest rates vary quite considerably from lender to lender, so it pays to shop around.

With appropriate security, loans ranging from $50,000 to $2.0M are available under this program.

Purchasing a Franchise

Obtaining a franchise in a successful franchise system is often difficult. The initial capital outlay is normally large, and to fully secure the loan you usually have to mortgage your house.

This is where Citiwide can help. We work from the basic belief that franchise businesses are different and usually inherit some strengths and capabilities from the franchisor.

The Citiwide approach offers:

  • A quicker loan assessment by placing a value on the past performance of the franchise system.
  • Preferred status with some of our lenders to selected franchisors to reflect the value of their franchise system.
  • Ability for franchisees of preferred systems to borrow against the value of their business (including all franchise fees, training costs, stock and business assets) up to a percentage of the purchase price.
  • Less focus on the franchisee’s personal assets when obtaining finance.
  • Loan products tailored for franchisees.
  • Market leading eCommerce services for franchise businesses.
  • A full range of services which are customised and priced to reflect the value of the franchise.

Whatever your need, Citiwide can tailor long and short-term solutions to suit.

For more information call us on 1300 732 630, contact us using our online enquiry form or find your local Lending Specialist here.