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“Every loan matters because it has the potential to create a home, build a business or meet a goal. We’re here to help you improve your life.”

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us. Our story started way back in 1988 when mortgage broking was almost unheard of. Back then home loan providers consisted mainly of the four major banks, building societies and some housing cooperatives. Competition was almost inexistent!

In the aftermath of banking deregulation in 1983, smaller lenders and foreign banks started to emerge but they had no distribution network to compete with the major banks. It was perfect timing for us to talk to them about mortgage broking. The rest is history and we have never looked back.

We are one of the longest operating mortgage broking firms in Australia and one of only a handful not owned by a bank – so you’ll get the advice that’s right for you, not the lender.


What we do

We help borrowers find and negotiate the loans that are suited to their needs, not the lender’s. We have access to a large range of home loans and an extensive suite of commercial products to assist property investors and small business owners.

How we do it

Citiwide is accredited with a large panel of lenders. We can compare hundreds of loans using the latest technology and will show you the loans that are most suited to your needs. We will give you More Choice and Better Advice.

Why use Citiwide?

There are many reasons borrowers choose to use us for all their lending needs.  We have summarised them for you here.

Where we are located

Our Lending Specialists are located over metropolitan regions and can meet you in one of our offices or at your home or office.

We use modern internet based technology and can assist borrowers wherever they are located.

Our promise to you

We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

We will provide you with specialist advice and the highest level of professional service.

Promises are easily made and just as easily forgotten.

At Citiwide we believe you should only ever make promises you can keep and we promise to strive to always exceed your expectations.

How we are paid

There is no cost to you for our service – as we are paid by our lenders for arranging your loan.

This means that our service to you is free!

We look forward to talking to you.