Heart-warming recipes for those cold autumn nights

Apparently we’re heading for a really cold winter this year, which doesn’t sound like a lot of fun when you have to factor in work, cooking, supermarket trips, and all things that don’t include being curled up in bed with a hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, all other commitments don’t disappear when the weather is cold (we can still wish for it though). Until that happens, we’ve put together a list of some winter warmer dinners that you can make in autumn (it’s still cold before it’s technically winter). Plus, they’re all using autumn seasonal vegetables so you get more bang for your buck!

Garlic, sweet potato and chickpea soup

We couldn’t start this list with anything but a soup, and there’s no better one than this thick, bold, garlicy dream. You can find us heating this up every cold day in the office microwave.

Vegetarian stroganoff pasta-bake with mushroom and spinach

Did you know mushrooms are in abundance this season? Having a relatively wet few weeks means wild mushrooms are sprouting, so get ready to put them in everything. Adam Liaw is responsible for this amazing pasta-bake (expert tip: add a bit of extra cheese for ultimate comfort food feels).

Roast chicken with apple stuffing

Apples go with everything, don’t argue with us on this one. They especially go with this roast, in the stuffing and around the chicken in the oven. Serve with an easy Pear and Walnut Salad and you have a definite family favourite, plus the kids can help!

Rolled roast pork loin with apples and chestnuts

This one is a bit fancier than the rest but it is certainly worth the effort. A double whammy, both apples and chestnuts are in season in Autumn. The perfect soft, crumbly texture of in season chestnuts make them seem more like a sweet potato than a nut, and they pair perfectly with this pork loin. We’d recommend saving this one for a Sunday Roast dinner!

Traditional apple pie

No winter warmer list would be complete without an apple pie, this is the ultimate comfort food to have in front of the heater with the TV on. No need to skimp on the ice cream on this one, we need extra kilos for warmth, right?


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