QBE Housing Outlook Update 2020

QBE recently released an update to their 2020 Housing Outlook. The update is an amendment to their October 2017 forecast for house and unit prices across all capital cities and regional centres as at June 2020.

QBE Housing Outlook Update for Capital Cities

Houses Units
Sydney -5.4% -6.3%
Melbourne +7.3% -3.6%
Brisbane +9.0% -9.8%
Adelaide +9.3% +2.5%
Perth +3.9% -1.8%
Hobart +18.3% +16.4%
Canberra +13.1% +2.3%
Darwin -2.8% -19.1%


QBE Housing Outlook Update for Regional Centres – Houses Only

Newcastle +9.2%
Wollongong +1.6%
Ballarat +7.2%
Bendigo +4.3%
Geelong +9.4%
Gold Coast +4.7%
Toowoomba +6.3%
Launceston +12.5%


With rising house prices across most capital city and regional areas it’s good news for current home owners and aspiring house buyers. For those cities where house and unit prices are expected to fall in the next two years, this report also presents a timely reminder for those contemplating a refinance. Contact us for any questions on the market and refinancing options.



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